About Us

INKARIBE LLC is a modern travel and tourism company dedicated to designing, planning, preparing, organizing, and producing travel programs and other tourist services for clients nationally in Peru, and internationally from USA and the rest of the world. We works closely with the best companies in the travel industry, from airlines to hotels to tour guides.


INKARIBE LLC offers authentic tours of Peru, designed and presented by native Peruvians. Each hotel is chosen for its unique Peruvian charm, each restaurant for its typical Peruvian menu, and each tour guide for their intimate knowledge of Peruvian history and culture.


The company was founded by Romulo “Romy” Via y Rada, a native of Chosica, Peru, with the intention of  providing tourists worldwide the opportunity to experience and explore his birth country. Each tour package offered by INKARIBE LLC is inspired by Romy himself.


The total satisfaction of the tourist is the goal of the company. Each tourist’s safety, comfort and enjoyment are important to every team member of INKARIBE LLC.



Mission Statement

“To provide a unique and authentic travel experience to our customers, worthwhile opportunities to our employees, and assistance to our friends in need.”


Belief System

Company Hierarchy


Founder & President: Romulo D. ViayRada
Tour operator in Peru: Virgilio Marmanillo
Office Manager, Lima: Romulo D. ViayRada

Webmaster: Sandro Sandoval

Company history

Romulo “Romy” Via y Rada was born and raised in Chosica, Peru. Known as the “Villa of the Sun” for its numerous sunny days, Chosica is a beautiful city situated along the Rimac River in a valley in the Andes Mountains. Chosica is a popular resort, where travelers spend time at the bustling bazaars, casinos, hotels and traditional restaurants. In the middle of the city is Central Park, which features many street vendors and crafters. Just off the park is the statue of the White Christ, located on the Paseo de la Fe. Nearby El Bosque Country Club offers many activities including tennis, horseback riding and swimming.


While growing up in Chosica, Romy began work at an early age to help his family survive in a tough economic situation. His mother, Maria Castro, instilled in him a strong work ethic and a desire to continually improve himself. With this ambition, Romy traveled to the United States, took a job and enrolled in college. After a few years as a student of Business Administration at Middlesex Community College, Romy began his quest of owning his own business.

Over the next few years, Romy’s dream of owning his own business began to manifest. Inspired by majestic and mysterious Machu Picchu, now one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Romy developed the idea for a tourism company that would take groups of students from the United States to experience Lima, Cusco and Machu Picchu. Romy researched the travel and tourism industry, combined that with what he learned about running a small business while in college, and in 2006 created Romy’s Tours. After many investigative trips to Peru, he was ready to offer a tour package that was more authentic than any other available on the market.


In 2008, Romy’s dream became a reality when he formally opened ROMY’S TOURS in San Martin de Porres, a district of Lima, Peru. The office was initially designed to supervise the tour and handle the needs of the tourists traveling from the United States into Peru. Many other local tours were created for native Peruvians, including day trips and festivals. Worldwide airline ticketing and local bus ticketing were added to make Romy’s Tours a full-service travel agency.


In 2021, we have been renewing our proposal as we now expand our horizons and aim to offer one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the Caribbean: the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Due to this fusion of these two main destinations, we chose to call ourselves INKARIBE, which is the company that you are visiting at this time and we will gladly be able to provide all our good experience and excitement in providing you with the best service for your complete satisfaction.


To ensure the success of the company, Romy developed a team of professionals. Virgilio Marmanillo, a Cusco native, was invited as a partner in the company with the title of Tour Operator. And Sandro Sandoval was brought into the company as its website designer.

Company information

Tourist Activities offered by INKARIBE LLC:

Cultural Tours
Adventure Tours
Ecological Tours
City Tours


Tourist Services offered by INKARIBE LLC:

Airline ticketing
Bus ticketing
Train ticketing
Hotel reservations



The office of INKARIBE LLC is located at Los Cedros 1201, Chaclacayo, Lima, Peru. The office is equipped with phone service, Internet access, computers and e-mail. The local phone and fax number is . The local e-mail is [email protected]. Airline tickets are sold using SABRE, other ticketing is done using AMADEUS.

In the Puerto Rico, INKARIBE LLC can be reached by mail at Urb. Terrazas Demajagua II, 139 Calle Rubí, Fajardo, PR 00738; by phone at 1.978.876.1470; by e-mail at [email protected].



Proof of authorization on file for MINCETUR Nº 081-2007-DNDT
Registered taxpayer SUNAT Nº 10076819551
Municipal License of Functioning Nº 010581 MUNICIPALIDAD DE SAN MARTÍN DE PORRES


Company Hierarchy

Founder & President: Romulo D. Via-y-Rada

Tour Guides:

Tour guides for Romy’s Tours are professionals who have attended University, where they had taken travel and history courses. Every tour guide is a native of Peru, and was chosen for their unique knowledge of Peruvian history and culture. All tour guides speak English and Spanish, while some speak other languages.